Hello. How can we help?

Together the three partners of Digitumbra have over 70 years of experience with computer systems small and large. Our goal is to use our knowledge to help your organization better use technology. We're passionate about creating solutions with the Drupal content management system and providing competent Linux system administration. While we love Drupal and Linux, we are a full service computer support company and also work with Windows, Macintosh, and most flavors of Unix.

Digitumbra offers website building services using Drupal. Drupal is the best choice for building ambitious digital experiences from websites to custom web apps. We will work with you on your website development, planning and architecture; providing site building and programming services. We can work with your graphic designer, or connect you with one.

Digitumbra offers System Administration services. Computer networking, Firewalls, File servers, Computer security... Topics most people would rather not think about. Yet your network is the infrastructure that your organization relies on each and every day. For even the smallest organizations your network is too important to ignore. We can help you eliminate single points of failure, improve security, increase reliability, and eliminate frustrations.

Digitumbra can provide consulting and training on most technology related subjects. Take advantage of our experience to provide technology consulting at all levels --from help deciding which laptop you should buy, independent evaluations of technology proposals, and group trainings. All the partners at Digitumbra have teaching experience and can explain technology in terms that anyone can understand, without using three letter acronyms and without talking down to you.

Every person or organization has different technology needs. At Digitumbra, we'll listen and work with you to create a solution to meet those needs. Call or email us to start the conversation.